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Performance Plateau
Other programs deliver fast results like X-TrainFit but quickly plateau do to a lack of
variety in the program. The body becomes accustomed to the routine and begins to
adapt to the predictable stresses these programs deliver.

Avoid Plateaus with X-TrainFit At Home

In order to avoid these plateus, we must confuse our bodies and muscles on a daily
basis. By changing up the routine and type of workout you complete, muscles do not
get the chance to adapt to the routine and are continuously challenged which yields
ongoing results.
X-TrainFit At Home Training System

The X-TrainFit At Home Training System provides an ever expanding variety of workouts
that can be incorporated into your training program to avoid a plateau and to maximize
the diversity and enjoyment.
Each Training Calendar identifies the category of workout to be completed on any given
day, either complete the program workout or simply select a replacement workout from
the corresponding exercise category group and complete it instead. If you are expected
to complete an upper body workout, you can select any of our upper body workouts.
X-TrainFit Training Calendars

We have provided a full range of diverse calendars to aid in programming your workouts
that are yours to download at no charge. Simply select the calendars that best suits your
goals. Choose workouts from the assortment of category groups below and plug and play
as the calendar outlines.


All the workouts in this group increase your heart rate and keep it elevated through the duration of the workout. You will jump, run, hop, and more your way through these sweat-inducing exercises.


These workouts alternate between cardio and toning movements in an effort to keep your heart guessing and maximize fat burn. Blast major calories while also toning the body in these workouts.
Cardio-Toning-Icon BROWSE PRODUCTS


Strengthen and tighten everything from the torso to the thighs. A pure toning workout to tighten the abs, back, glutes, inner and outer thighs.

Lower Body

Nothing above the waist here. Use dumbbells, resistance bands and/or your own body weight to lunge, squat and more to target everything below the belt

Total Body

A purely toning workout that focuses on every muscle, from head to toe. Push or pull with dumbbells, body weight and/or resistance bands to target every major muscle group in these workouts.

Upper Body

The focus here is 100% upper body toning. Using weights, body weight and/or resistance band in order to build stronger and leaner arms, back and chest.


These workouts lengthen and strengthen every muscle in your body, while keeping you focused and centered on your breathing. There is no impact involved in these workouts, but there are multiple levels for all abilities.