Circuit Burnout - $17.98

Looking to scorch fat but have limited time each day? Then this is the set for you! Monique St.Pierre and X-TrainFit bring you a full body workout that shreds fat while toning muscle in only 20 minutes a day.

The pyramid approach keeps you moving with cardio and toning sets while showing a variety of intensity levels. Work through multiple moves for 5 minutes, rest for 1 minute, sweat and tone for 4 minutes, rest for 1, shred it for 3 more minutes, rest for 1, push through 2 minutes, rest for 1 more then finish strong in the final 1 minute set!

The most important element of any fitness program is the nutrition which is why we have included the Training and Nutrition Guide to help you plan your workouts and dietary needs.

As and added bonus, each DVD also includes a bonus Super Set designed to give you an added calorie burn at the end of each workout.

The Workouts

  • Abs & Assets

    Chisel your entire midsection and glutes with this killer workout. Creative moves in this workout gets those abs ripped and glutes lifted in no time.

  • Upper Body

    Effective use of cardio moves and upper body toning will burn fat while toning everything from the belly button up.

  • Lower Body

    Lunge, kick, squat and more to get the lower body you have been wanting. Working one of the body’s largest muscle groups has never been this much fun.

  • Total Body

    Monique will work every inch of your body in this intense workout. You will alternate through every muscle group and blast serious fat in this workout.

  • Abs & Burn

    This cardiovascular routine is a fast paced, no nonsense, full body fat burner.

  • Super Sets

    For those that can handle a little extra: Each DVD includes a bonus 4-5 minute super set that will get the sweat pouring, heart pumping and fat cells on the run.

Also Included

  • Training and Nutrition Guide

    The Training and Nutrition Guide will help maximize your workouts and fat loss by providing guidance and recipes designed to fuel your workouts and lose the fat. Combine this with the X-TrainFit At Home Training Calendar and your results are guaranteed!

  • X-TrainFit At Home Training Calendar

    Use the training calendar to track your workouts and stay on target. Post your before and after photo for added motivation.