Circuit Burnout 90 Nutrition Plan

Circuit Burnout 90 Nutrition Guide Tracker

We've included tools to allow you to track your calorie burn vs.calories consumed throughout the day.
 Circuit Burnout 90 Nutrition Plan Tracker

The food you consume plays a larger role in achieving the results you are looking for than your workouts. Regardless of how much effort you put forth during your exercise you will be challenged to maximize your performance without carefully planning and executing your nutrition.

We need to fuel our bodies with quality calories. It is easy to fall into the trap of eating too much because we underestimate portion size or fail to keep track of what we consume and both easily lead to overeating. This is why we recommend you keep track of what you consume as well as what you burn, which will help you get the best results possible. Utilize the tracking sheet included to make sure you get the right amount of calories in order to reach your goals. Make photocopies of the Calorie Tracking Sheet to get the best results possible!

You can also download additional tracking sheets at the following link...


The Circuit Burnout 90 Nutrition Guide includes over 30 recipes from Monique's own kitchen designed to fuel you workouts and maximize results. Leaving more than 4-5 hours between meals throughout the day will trigger "Starvation Mode". Your body will lower your metabolism to preserve energy. The next time you eat your meal will metabolised differently and your body will store calories (as fat) which is what we want to avoid. We recommend you eat 3 meals plus 2 snacks at regular intervals to avoid this. 

Circuit Burnout 90 Nutrition Plan Breafast


This meal is often overlooked by many people but is considered one of the days most important meals. In general people who eat a healthy breakfast have more energy, are able to focus better and tend to eat healthier throughout the day. Without breakfast, people can get irritable and tired.

Choosing sugary dishes for breakfast tends to lead to unhealthy choices throughout the rest of the day so we have packed the program with 12 choices designed to get your day off to the best start possible.

Our favorite is the Egg White Omelet.

Circuit Burnout 90 Nutrition Plan Lunch


The benefits of a healthy lunch are many faceted. Not only does it provide a break from the activities of the day, it provides the energy you need to keep you at peak performance through the afternoon and into the evening.

In addition to the obvious benefits, eating a regular intervals is an important component of a healthy diet. It's not just about what to eat but also when to eat.

Our favorite is the Stuffed Potato


Circuit Burnout 90 Nutrition Plan Dinner


Going to bed on an empty stomach is not very enjoyable. Once you go to bed there is no more eating so we must take this opportunity to provide your body with the minerals, vitamins and nutrients it needs to recover throughout the night and keep your metabolism stoked.

Dinner is also a great way to wrap up the day. It's the opportunity to take a break with family and friends after a hectic day, a reward we all deserve. The dinner recipes included are designed to check both boxes, a healthy but fun reward at the end of the day.  

Our favorite is the Spinach Stuffed Chicken.



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