RIPT90FIT Complete Program

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A short but effective workout that really challenges the entire abdominal wall. This workout is finished off with a super set of two killer exercises to really torch those abs. Build strength and tighten the abs in this great toning workout.
RIPT90FIT Abs & Legs

Abs & Legs.

This workout is a combination of abdominal exercises to scorch the core while also hitting a few lower body moves to build strength in the legs. Also included is a super set to burn out the legs and get the heart pumping and fat burn multiplied.
RIPT90FIT Arms & Shoulders

Arms & Shoulders.

Working on all parts of the arm to really build definition in the bicep, triceps and shoulders and a couple exercises for a super set to really burn those arms out. This workout focuses on building strength and definition in your biceps, triceps, and shoulders.
RIPT90FIT Back & Quads

Back & Quads.

Hitting the 2 largest muscle groups in the body with back and leg exercises to really strengthen the major muscle groups in the body. This workout will also get the metabolism amped while challenging you as you build serious strength in some of the largest muscles.
RIPT90FIT Back & Shoulders

Back & Shoulders.

Burning the back and shoulders out with strict muscle movements to tone and strengthen that upper body. Be ready, there is a serious super set in this workout, we should rename it Burn Out Sets. You will get the definition you desire in the back and shoulders with the combinations of exercises in this workout.
RIPT90FIT Body Fat Breakdown

Body Fat Breakdown.

Working the entire body with 6 different exercises that challenges every muscle. Each exercise is done 3 times through. Every muscle is hit in this workout, helping build strength and endurance throughout the body to help get you the body you want to be the best you can be.
RIPT90FIT Chest & Arms

Chest & Arms.

Sculpt and build strength in the arms and chest with this challenging upper body workout that will shred the arms and build muscle mass in the chest, biceps and triceps.
RIPT90FIT Hard Core Chest

Hard Core Chest.

Working the core and the chest with controlled reps of 6 different exercises plus a bonus set to really get the pecs and 6pack popping. This workout is designed to get you the abs you have always wanted, toning the core while also sculpting the chest.
 RIPT90FIT Legs & Glutes

Legs & Glutes.

The focus of this worktout is the largest muscle group in the body: the hamstrings, quads and glutes. We will build strength and stamina with 7 strength exercises along with a superset of goblet squats and nasties to really shred and burn out the legs.
RIPT90FIT Lung Burner

Lung Burner.

The entire body is targeted in this series of exercises, utilizes plyometric moves to get the fat burn ignited while challenging the muscles to tighten and strengthen everything from head to toe. You will do 5 different exercises done several times through with increasing rep count with each exercise. This workout will get that heart rate elevated and muscles pumping.
 RIPT90FIT More Metabolic Mania

More Metabolic Mania.

You will go through three different exercises, each completed within 1 minute, using remainder of the minute to recover. There are 7 total rounds for a fat burning 21-minute workout. Yes, it sounds easy, but it is anything but!
RIPT90FIT Minute by Minute

Minute by Minute Redux.

This workout is simple but not easy. It is three exercises done within a minute, for a total of 20 minutes. The goal is to complete the exercises before the minute is up and use the rest of the time to recover and prepare for the next set. This workout is the benchmark workout done at the beginning and end and several times throughout so you can measure your progress.


Training Guide.

The guide included provides additional insight into the program and the challenges you will face over the next 90 days.  Follow up the guidance and tips provided to maximize results and achieve your goals.
RIPT90FIT Training Guide RIPT90FIT Nutrition Guide

Nutrition Guide.

The key to unlocking the power of RIPT90 FIT is nutrition. Nutritional management is the most challenging aspect of most programs for many people. The RIPT90 FIT Meal Plan is designed to ensure you provide your body the fuel it needs to achieve amazing results without going hungry or becoming bored. We have included 36 recipes from Dr. Monique St.Pierre's own kitchen that are fun and tasty, yet easy to prepare.


 RIPT90FIT Training Calendar

Training Calendar.

The large training calendar provided can be mounted on a wall in the bathroom, closet or anywhere else easily accessible.  The training schedule outlined on the calendar is designed to guide your workouts over the 90 day program, to maximize results and avoid plateaus in performance that can frustrate participants in many programs. The schedule of workouts is designed to keep your body guessing as we tear it down and build it back up during the transformation process. You can also download and print additional calendars here...
 RIPT90FIT Tracker

Workout Tracker.

Utilize the RIPT90FIT Tracker to log all of your workouts. Keep track of the weight and reps completed along with the intensity of your workouts and benchmark your ongoing progress through the program as you grow both stronger and more conditioned. You will be amazed how quickly you progress from lifting 25, 30 then 40 pounds of weight and more. You can also download and print additional tracker pages here...
 RIPT90FIT Stretch Gift With Purchase