RIPT90FIT Training Calendar

RIPT90FIT Workout Tracker



RIPT90FIT Training Calendar. Use the calendar provided with RIPT90FIT to plan your workouts over the duration of the 90 day program. Download and print additional copies if you have already completed the program once, would like to keep you original pristine, of if you are following along on XTRAINFIT.TV

Stay Motivated. Studies have shown it's a lot easier to get motivated and stay motivated if you have a clear documented road map to follow.

RIPT90FIT Workout Tracker. Complementing the RIPT90FIT Training Calendar, the Workout Tracker is the perfect tool for logging your progress through the program.

Track Your Progress.  By logging your weights and reps for each workout you'll be able to observe not only the physical transformation of your body in the mirror but also the increase in strength and conditioning. As any CPA will tell you, "the numbers never lie!'


RIPT90FIT Stretch Gift With Purchase