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What's Included?

Nutrition is the key!

Success Stories

12 workouts. These workouts are tough, targeted and focused. Designed to maximize results and cut no corners, modification levels for all are deomnstrated in every workout.

Training Guide. Outlining the tools provided and how they will be used over the 90 day program to transform your body.

Nutrition Plan. Complete with over 30 recipes to keep keep your body fueled and avoid hunger.

Training Calendar. Track and log your progress through the program at a glance.

That is why we include complete nutritional guidance with all of our progrms and XTFMAX is no different. 

Results. The easiest route to disappointing results is not managing your nutrition. The transformation you desire can only be achieved when you combine a disciplined nutrition plan with an increase in physical activity.

Recipes. The guidance provided is clear and the recipes included are easy to follow and do not take all day to prepare.

Fuel. The recipes included are designed to fuel your workouts and maintain your energy throughout the day.

While individual results may vary depending on your starting point and goals, we have a long history of people achieving amazing results when following the program.

Kelsey B, Indiana. "Love the program and I love my new body. Even the times I had to modify I still stuck with it making sure I got every workout in! Your program even helped me prepare for and complete my first 5K race...Thank you so much for making the working out so fun!" 

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